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[Establish synchronous communication tools, ex. Skype, Gotomeeting, etc.]

Agenda and meeting minutes

The pad bellow should contain the agenda for the next meeting(s). Use this pad to take notes during the meeting. After the meeting transfer the agenda+notes into a Google Doc and place it in the Occupy Montreal/Meetings folder. Give the file a proper name, containing the date and a short title, ex. 2011 Nov 11 - Infrastructure . The history of this pad is recorded. You can play it here.


[create Livestream account and embed streaming here]

How to organize a meeting

  1. Use the Forum to propose a meeting
  2. Chose the date for the meeting using **
  3. Put the meeting on our agenda
  4. Invite all members to participate to the meeting agenda - see above
  5. At the meeting
    1. Chose meeting facilitator
    2. Ask attendees to take notes during the meeting directly on the agenda
    3. At the end of the meeting copy the minutes into a Google Doc and place it into the Occupy Montreal/Meetings folder.
  6. The meeting must end with action items

** [decide on meeting organizer, doodle or meetup ]